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How One Man Brought Back the '58 Coupe that Chrysler Made Disappear

Chrysler built a handful of fuel-injected cars in 1958, only to recall them and convert them back to carburetion. Jay Leno's mechanic brought one back to its former glory.

The Next BMW M3 and M4 Will Have More Than 500 Horsepower

Here's what we know about the new G20 generation of the M division's bread-and-butter models.

Davey G. Johnson, Writer, 1975–2019

His writing was cinematic in scope but microscopic in detail. And he didn’t give a shit if you liked it. A few words in memory of Davey Johnson, a man consumed with and elevated by his enthusiasms.

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Makes an Insane 760 Horsepower

When Ford claimed this would be the most powerful Mustang ever, it wasn't kidding.

Robotics Geek Builds Herself a Tesla Pickup Truck, and You Can Watch

She started with a Model 3 and ended up with a "Truckla," and the project is documented on YouTube.